The most extensive Amazon brand and product finder
ever made
The most extensive Amazon brand and product finder ever made
By focusing on winning brands, SmartScout enables Amazon sellers to uncover scores of profitable products effortlessly.
Tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel for Amazon products?
So were we.
We are Buyboxer - one of the largest third-party sellers on Amazon. And we hated crawling through product pages or using inadequate "all-in-one" tools just to find a few sellable products.
So we created SmartScout. A brand and product finder so powerful it shocked us to see just how many profitable products we had been missing out on. And there were thousands of them.
Todd D.
Type of Amazon Seller
"I've already made my money back and then some with just a couple of weeks of light usage."
Jeff N.
Type of Amazon Seller
"SmartScout is solid. I found 15 new suppliers in less than an hour."
Abby I.
Type of Amazon Seller
"Finally, something new and not another JungleScout copy."
Holden H.
Type of Amazon Seller
"Selfishly, I hope no one else buys it. LOL"
Michael W.
Type of Amazon Seller
My favorite part so far is SmartScout's ability to find listings with ZERO sellers.
Justin C
Type of Amazon Seller
SmartScout is KILLER for online arbitrage (OA) flips.
Never struggle with your product hunt again
Let's face it. Finding the right Amazon products to sell is a grueling process. SmartScout changes that. It makes every search fast, easy, and dare we say, fun.
Our numbers don't lie
SmartScout has the most exhaustive FBA catalog of Amazon brands and products.
ASINs with at least $50 in monthly revenue
brands with at least $1000 in monthly revenue
sellers with at least $1000 in monthly revenue
Discover the motherlode of Amazon with our treasure map
Find wholesaler-friendly brands
Search all brands by category using our total product count and monthly revenue smart filters. And then zero in on your ideal brands with 13 filterable date fields.
Find hot brand-name products
Easily reveal products of any brand with a single click. With 18 available data fields, SmartScout enables you to get
Know your competition (Amazon)
For each brand, SmartScout lets you know if there is a dominant seller (60% or more of the sales). And which sellers have a relationship with Amazon.
Quickly identify winning brands and products
Know instantly which brands and products have potential with our in-house scoring system. Everything is rated on a scale from 1 to 10.
Get the perfect private label products
Use our extensive product filters to narrow down the best private label products for your business to sell. Quickly see the average rating and buy box price on any item.
Visualize data the way you want
SmartScout's interface allows you to view your information by category, brand, product, or seller. You can even view products and sellers of multiple brands in different tabs.
Better data means better products. Period.
Avoid competing with Amazon with our Amazon-in-stock rate data field.
Quickly know the true value of brand or product with our average selling price feature.
Know the profitability of any brand or product with our monthly revenue estimate.
View 5,000 rows per page to easily view lots of products at a time.
Find out of stock items with a proven sales history for online arbitrage.
Keep filters and come back to your research quickly with our save grid feature.
Spy on the competition by seeing how many and which sellers are offering a certain brand or product.
Jump directly to any brand or product on Amazon with direct links
More product, brand, and seller data than anything out there
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On-Demand Data
Arbitrage Finder
Category Filters
Save Filters
Product Count Filters
Monthly Revenue Filters
Exportable to Excel or Sheets
Product Fields
Product Analysis
Product Page Score
Amazon In Stock Rate
Number of Sellers
Number of FBA Sellers
Monthly Revenue Estimate
Out of Stock Data
Variation Page Analysis
UPC (Universal Product Code)
Part Number
Model Number
Brand Fields
Amazon In Stock Rate
Average Number of Sellers
Historic Sales Average
Monthly Revenue Estimate
Average Size of Product
Average Review Rating
Total Number of Reviews
Total Product Count
Brand Score
Dominant Seller (Private label finder)
Sellers (of a Brand)
Seller ID
Number of Offers
Monthly Revenue Estimate
Brand Percentage Estimate
Number of Brands per seller
Revenue per brand
A reliable tool that just gets better and better
Proven by the Experts
Created by Buyboxer, SmartScout was built for Amazon sellers by Amazon sellers. And we use it all the time, every day.
Constant New Features
SmartScout was made to find brands and products that'll make a profit. So we're always adding the features that will get you (and us) there faster.
Always Up to Date
Since SmartScout is 100% cloud-based it's always updated and there's nothing to download (except for an Excel file if you want, w/ an Annual Subscription).
See what you've been missing on Amazon
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